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How To Get A $100,000,000 Automated Funnel Structure

Overlaid On Top Of Your Business In 2-3 Weeks, Without Lifting A Finger

FREE TRAINING shows you why traditional VSL and Webinar frameworks don't produce a positive ROAS, and explains in detail the secret 3 step funnel structure being used by 9 figure businesses to automate and scale.

Save Yourself Thousands In Wasted Ad Spend By Making Success Your Starting Point

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The 3 Step Secret Funnel Strategy...


Create A Truly 
Irresistible Offer

Roundhouse kick people in the face with value. Increase their probability of achieving the outcome, reduce time delay, reduce effort and sacrifice, and highlight unique outcomes only achievable via the vehicle of your product.  


Model A Conversion Optimized, $100,000,000 Customer Journey

Create A REAL 
Perfect Webinar Script

The layout landing page should mirror the storytelling structure of the Perfect Webinar, and model a proven 8-9 figure example of success in the wild. This way your starting point is someone elses success.
Follow the proven storytelling framework used by 95% of 9 figure infoproduct entrepreneurs, coaches, gurus, etc. Don’t skip any elements of the script. This tool replaces sales teams for products under $2500, and shortens sales cycles / doubles close rates for products over $2500.  It's not just a VSL...

Create A REAL 
Perfect Webinar Script

Follow the proven storytelling framework used by 95% of 9 figure infoproduct entrepreneurs, coaches, gurus, etc. Don’t skip any elements of the script. This tool replaces sales teams for products under $2500, and shortens sales cycles / doubles close rates for products over $2500.  It's not just a VSL...

Model A Conversion Optimized, $100,000,000 Customer Journey

The layout landing page should mirror the storytelling structure of the Perfect Webinar, and model a proven 8-9 figure example of success in the wild. This way your starting point is someone elses success.


What Clients Are Saying About Atomic Funnels...

300% Increase In Organic Conversion Rate For A $997 Digital Course + Coaching Program 

The movie Wardogs, featuring Miles Teller and Jonah Hill, was based on the true story of David Packouz and how he managed to secure a $300,000,000 government contract.  David and his business partner Logan started Wardogs Academy to help people step into the world of government contracting.  

They tried selling their info-product and coaching program using Kajabi landing pages, resulting in a 0.3% conversion rate.  

Within 1 week of turning on our new Atomic Funnels landing pages, with an evergreen automated webinar following the Perfect Webinar model, they had quadrupled their organic conversion rate to 1.2%.  

These are automated closes, no sales calls, for a $997 product.

Week 1 with our funnel system was their biggest sales week ever. ($32,000 cash collected, zero phone calls, zero paid ad spend).  

Fast forward 22 days, they sold $100,000 worth of courses with 0 ad spend.

"That Was Probably The Easiest Business I've Ever Started"

Dennis used our system, along with Justin's marketing team, to gather leads for $120,000 condominium sales in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  We created an Irresistible Offer, funneled leads through a Perfect Webinar to qualify them, and then into Calendly bookings with his sales team to close.

"With Our New VSL And Script... We Were Able To See Results Very Quickly"

Troy has a paid "Reselling Group" on Discord, and worked with Atomic Funnels to come up with the strongest offer in his vertical.  He's now stealing clients away from his competitors, and scaling his community to thousands of subscribers per month.

"Without The Funnel We Have In Place... We Wouldn't Be In Business"

Eric managed $200,000 - $300,000/month in ad spend for one of our larger clients, Wealth Assistants.  They sell $35,000 - $55,000 done for your Amazon Automation systems, and successfully used our Perfect Webinar system to generate low-cost leads for their high-ticket product.


When You Start Your Atomic Funnels Development Project Today, 
You're Going To Get Everything Below:

Perfect Webinar + Offer Creation Automated Video Interview 

  • You are the strongest source of information about your ideal clients
  • ​Respond via text, audio, or video to our automated video interview onboarding process
  • We'll ask questions, and your recorded responses will be used to craft your epiphany bridge, 3 secrets, offer stack, and Perfect Webinar script.

Proven $100,000,000 Click Funnels Sales Pages In Your Brand Aesthetic 

  • Make your competitions success your starting point, by leveraging proven landing page designs that have recently generated 8-9 figures.
  • ​We use Russell Brunson's "Dot Com Secrets" funnel page, and Iman Gadzhi's Educate.io landing page as a basis for our designs.  However, they are each unique.
  • Optimized for your specific conversion goal (purchase or call booking).

Perfect Webinar Scripting 

  • We'll use the responses from your video interview to craft a 20-30 minute version of the Perfect Webinar.
  • This script will break down false beliefs surrounding the strategy you employ to get results, internally and externally oriented false beliefs, and bring clients through multiple phases of consumer intent in one video.
  • ​At the end of the script, we'll highlight your offer through an "offer stack" similar to this one, include some "trial closes", and push to the proper call to action (buy or book a call).

Step By Step Guide For Webinar Recording 

  • Save weeks of recording and re-recording with our step by step instructions for recording your webinar.  
  • ​Pro tips for lighting, audio, background, framing, and software.
  • ​With live support in Slack in case you need it, you should be able to get the webinar recorded in one take.

High Touch Perfect Webinar Video Editing 

  • ​20 - 30 minutes of premium VSL quality video editing post production.
  • ​Royalty free stock video included in your video.
  • ​2D and 3D graphic illustration included in your video.
  • ​Studio grade audio correction in post production.

5-8 Productized Offer Graphics 

  • Each graphic represents an element in your "offer stack" that solves one of the major expectations/pain points of the ideal client personas that would buy your product or service. 
  • Custom design concept matching your brand aesthetic. 
  • Leaning on behavioral psychology, graphics help people remember the elements of your offer with 400-500% more accuracy.   They understand, and remember what they're getting.

Voomly Integration - To Pause Video And Capture Email 

  • Capture 2-3x more leads than standard "top of funnel" email opt ins ​
  • Custom code to show the "call to action" at a certain timestamp in your video.
  • ​Video popup that matches your brand aesthetic. 

Design Variation Of Your Landing Pages For A/B Split Testing 

  • Move forward with your ad strategy twice as fast by starting the process of split testing pages early and often.
  • ​Increase probability of a positive ROAS on your first campaign with a landing page design variation.

Active Campaign + 
Click Funnels Integration 

  • Link your email automation system and your landing page, so when someone opts in on the "frontend", the automation sequence kicks in on the "backend"
  • ​Automatically segment leads into warm grouping based on open rates.
  • ​Manage lead status in Active Campaign as a CRM.

5 Email (14 Day) Sequence 
Highlighting Perfect Webinar Script 

  • Automatically nurture leads, even if they didn't watch the webinar presentation.
  • Use these first few emails to tell the story of your brand, and provide proof that you or your business achieves some outcome via a step by step strategy.
  • ​Highlight testimonials one by one to help overcome objections, and speak to specific consumer avatars. 

5 Unique Email Header Graphics 

  • ​Maintain a professional look across all touch points.
  • Subconsciously build trust with your potential customers by increasing the number of times they see your face.
  • ​Highlight offer elements through graphics in email.

Testimonial Coaching - How To Get The Perfect Testimonial 

  • Use tactics informed by Russell Brunson's "High Ticket Secrets" course to capture the perfect testimonials.
  • Sales are about changing people's emotional states.  If a potential customer sees an avatar on screen that mirrors them, the messaging is more direct.
  • Leverage the fact that all types of people buy your service, and capture success from multiple consumer avatars to get more targeted messaging.

Testimonial Video Editing 

  • Studio quality audio correction if required.
  • Maintain a cohesive, professional look across all media on the site.
  • Lighting, brightness, and framing issues solved in post production.

Responsive Mobile Versions Of All Landing Pages 

  • Separate landing page variations specifically designed for mobile, since 80% of your customers will likely be viewing on a phone.
  • ​Optimized for desktop, laptop, PC, tablet, iPad, Android and iPhone.
  • Optimized for page load speed.

Calendly Integration For Bookings  

  • Depending on your product or service, you may have a Calendly booking call to action instead of a "buy now" call to action.
  • ​Give potential clients the ability to block off time on your calendar directly from your landing page, without navigating to a separate booking system.
  • SMS and email pre-call reminder automation setup so clients are reminded 3 times prior to the scheduled call time.

Stripe Payment Gateway Setup 

  • If your product is under $2,500, it's likely that you have a "pay now" call to action on your landing page.
  • We'll set up the product in stripe, and create a streamlined 2 step checkout embedded right into your landing page, or as a modal popup so users aren't navigating through multiple screens to complete purchase.
  • Conversion optimized checkout process.

Domain Assign To All Pages 

  • We'll assign your domain, subdomain, or domain extension to your landing pages.
  • No need to worry about A record allocation, SSL certificates, or DNS settings.
  • Cloudflare setup included so website URL will load with or without "www.".

Newswire Press Release - To Get You Featured On FOX, CBS, ABC, and Over 300+ News Subsidiaries  

  • Instantly boost conversion rates and build trust through credibility building logos from recognized mass media outlets/
  • We'll generate a Press Release article, and once approved, we'll distribute it to over 300 high ranking news outlets and smaller local subsidiaries. 
  • ​Increase page rank authority for your offer page through high authority referring domains.

Your Own Dedicated Slack Channel To Communicate With Our Team 24/7 

  • Communicate with each and every member of our team directly (copywriting, video editing, graphic design, frontend development, account management, and Jon)
  • ​Get instant notifications on your phone when progress has been made on your project.
  • ​Provide quick feedback while you're on the go, so your project progress never stops.

  If You Choose To Work With Our 
Marketing Partner, Justin Prince... You're Also Going To Get These 3 Marketing Bonuses 

1 on 1 Strategy Session With Justin Prince 

  • Find out if Justin's marketing services are right for your specific project.
  • Create a custom plan of attack with Justin 1 on 1 before you hire him and his team for marketing services.
  • Take a look at similar case studies in your vertical, and the tactics being used to achieve a positive ROAS.

Extended First Month Of Services 
(5 Weeks Instead Of 4) 

  • We understand the first week is usually all setup, pixels, and login credentials.
  • Get the most out of your marketing engagement by taking advantage of an extended first month of management that accounts for this setup period.
  • Get 5 weeks of Justin's services for the first month, instead of only 4 weeks.

Month To Month Pricing
(Minimum Engagement Waived) 

  • Justin's agency only works with VC backed clients, or clients that come from Atomic Funnels / other approved development partners.
  • Not only do you get in the door with Justin when you work with Atomic Funnels, but the minimum engagement is waived so you can begin ad management on a month to month basis.
  • Cancel anytime, no questions asked.

All Of This Is Included When You Start Your Project With Atomic Funnels Today


Stop Wasting Time And Money, And Skip The Learning Curve

Get A $100,000,000 Funnel Overlaid On-Top Of Your Business In 2-3 Weeks

Atomic Funnels Accelerator Package

2-3 Week Development Engagement With Atomic Funnels 

All Inclusive, Done For You, Funnel Development

Atomic Funnels Development Deliverables    

Perfect Webinar + Offer Creation Automated Video Interview  

Proven $100,000,000 Click Funnels Sales Pages 

Perfect Webinar Scripting 

Step By Step Guide For Webinar Recording 

High Touch Perfect Webinar Video Editing 

5-8 Productized Offer Graphics 

Voomly Integration - To Pause Video And Capture Email 

Design Variation Of Your Landing Pages For A/B Split Testing 

Active Campaign + Click Funnels Integration 

5 Email (14 Day) Sequence Highlighting Perfect Webinar Script 

5 Unique Email Header Graphics 

Testimonial Coaching - How To Get The Perfect Testimonial 

Testimonial Video Editing 

Responsive Mobile Versions Of All Landing Pages 

Calendly Integration For Bookings  

Stripe Payment Gateway Setup 

Domain Assign To All Pages 

Newswire Press Release - Featured On FOX, CBS, ABC, etc  

Dedicated Slack Channel To Communicate With Our Team 24/7 

Justin Prince / Adsquad Optional Separate Engagement 

1 on 1 Strategy Session With Justin Prince 

Extended First Month Of Services (5 Weeks) 

Month To Month Pricing (Minimum Engagement Waived) 


$4997 Value    

$9997 Value    

$19997 Value  

$1997 Value    

$5997 Value    

$1997 Value    

$1997 Value    

$3997 Value    

$1997 Value    

$1997 Value    

$497 Value      

$4997 Value    

$1997 Value    

$1997 Value    

$1997 Value    

$1997 Value    

$97 Value        

$2997 Value    

$1997 Value    


$497 Value      

$997 Value      

$9997 Value    

From $82,737 Down To


Click the button above to go back to Upwork. Then go to the messenger and respond saying “I’m ready to move forward”. We’ll ask a few questions about your business, and send you a written proposal with your next steps, within just a few minutes.

Want To Learn More About Our Partner Marketing Team?

When You Work With Atomic Funnels On A Development Project, You Are Automatically Approved To Work With Justin Prince In A Separate Engagement If You Choose

It's Time To Hire The Top 1% Of Marketing Experts, To Scale Your Funnel

View Justin's Webinar Excerpts Below:

Hear What Our Marketing Partner Says About His Team's Confidence In Scaling The Funnels Systems We Create

We work side by side with Justin's team.. every.. single.. day.  They're used to receiving and scaling the systems we create, and over the years we've refined the operating procedures between our companies.  You get the benefit of already having a seamless integration between your development and marketing teams, without having to wing it "trial and error" style for months.

Justin Prince - 3X Team Lead For 
Google Brand Accelerator

Adsquad Monthly Marketing Services 
(Starting At $2,500/mo - Month To Month)

Watch This Video To See How Atomic Funnels + Adsquad Work Together, And Learn About Marketing Costs

Justin's services range from $2,500/mo to $5,000/mo, based on the number of platforms you'd like to advertise on (Google, Facebook, Youtube, etc)  His services are month to month, with no minimum time commitment for Atomic Funnels customers.  You're free to cancel anytime.  

A Few Of Our Marketing Partner's Case Studies, Where They Generated 10X - 49X ROAS For Their High Ticket Clients

The case studies in this video utilize a strategy that involves a paid media "top of funnel" campaign that pushes to a free community, Linkedin, workshop, or a Youtube channel.  Then he let's prospective clients sit in the long form content in your community or social channel for 30/60/90 days before retargeting with bottom of funnel ads pushing your main offer. 

Justin Prince - 3X Team Lead For 
Google Brand Accelerator


Your Price Today Is 50% Upfront, And 50% Upon Delivery

The second 50% will be funded immediately after the first 50% is released, and will sit in Upwork Escrow for the duration of the development process.  Once everything has been submitted to you, and you're happy with the revisions, you can release the second 50%.




Click the button above to go back to Upwork. Then go to the messenger and respond saying “I’m ready to move forward”. We’ll ask a few questions about your business, and send you a written proposal with your next steps, within just a few minutes.

 99 - 100% Job Success - Top Rated / Top Rated Plus Freelancers

Everyone In Our Agency Is A Top Rated Upwork Freelancer

Each member of our agency has worked with (founder of Click Funnels) Russell Brunson's team on graphics, copy, frontend design, or scripting.  Aside from that, they all have achieved over $100,000 in 5 star earnings on Upwork and a 99 - 100% Job Success Score.  We are the top 1% of freelancers in the funnel and marketing space.

Click the button above to go back to Upwork. Then go to the messenger and respond saying “I’m ready to move forward”. We’ll ask a few questions about your business, and send you a written proposal with your next steps, within just a few minutes.


The Action Taker

Those are the type of people who, went faced with an opportunity, take action and work to build their own success. They're the go-getters. They're the ones that, over the long-term, end up achieving their wildest dreams and enjoying the spoils of their decisions. And now it's time to decide: which one of them you're gonna be? This is a decision only you can take.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s the answers to the most commonly asked questions about Atomic Funnels development projects.

Can we work with you outside of Upwork?

We are an Upwork only agency, so if you'd like to work with us, all payment and communication must go through the Upwork platform.  We strive for 100% compliance with Upwork, and are not willing to risk our Upwork account under any circumstances.  Please do not attempt to contact us outside of Upwork.com. 

Is it required to work with Justin’s team for marketing?

You're welcome to work with whoever you like for marketing.  We just like to provide a vetted option, since the obvious next step in the process after development is ad management or active lead generation. 

How soon after I submit payment will my project begin?

As soon as you release the first 50% of your payment, and put the second 50% in Upwork escrow, you'll receive a link to begin your automated onboarding process and video interview.

Are Justin’s marketing services included in the 10k?

No, Justin's services start at $2,500/mo and range up to $5,000/mo, month to month.  Included in your Atomic Funnels development package is a 1 on 1 strategy session with Justin, so you can see if his services are right for you.

What happens after I respond saying “I’m ready to move forward”?

We're going to ask you a few questions about your business, and send you a custom proposal within just a few minutes with your next steps to move forward outlined.

What happens after I send the first 50% down payment?

You'll need to put the second 50% of payment in Upwork escrow as "milestone 2".  Once this is done, you'll get your onboarding link within just a few minutes.

What is required of me to participate and not hold up the process?

Two things really. 

1.) Complete the 2 hour automated onboarding and video interview within 48 hours of paying.

2.) Record your webinar within 72 hours of receiving the script.

Will you record the webinar for me?

No, you will be recording the webinar.  No backgrounds or special software are required.  All you need to do is read the script 10-15 times until you can anticipate the sentence that's coming up.  Then you can just fire up a recorded Zoom meeting, Loom, or Riverside.fm and record your webinar in one long cut.

What if I’m just getting started and I don’t have any case studies or previous clients?

That's fine.  As long as you have a step by step strategy that you've used to get results for yourself, that's all we need in terms of "proof".  Testimonials supplement proof, but they're not proof by themselves.  If you are a lawyer, or represent high profile clients that would not necessarily want to give a testimonial, this is fine as well.  We can work around it.

I have previous clients but don’t have any testimonials captured. Will you help with this process?

Yes, we'll provide guidance on how to capture the perfect testimonial that changes the viewers emotional state, as outlined in Russell Brunson's "High Ticket Secrets" course.

Our hedge fund is looking for leads that are accredited investors. They are not going to respond well to ‘sales heavy’ language.  How will you accommodate this?

We've built funnels for many different conservative customer profiles (UK audience, hedge funds, investor opportunities, high net worth services).  As long as you let us know that you'd like a more direct, formal tone with copywriting, we can easily accommodate.

Will you build this is Wordpress, Go High Level, or some other platform?

Yes but there will be a $2,500 fee to deviate from our standard tech stack, and it's likely that the project will take the full 3 weeks to complete.  We find that Click Funnels + Active Campaign is the most seamless tech stack for this particular project. 

Is there a price break if I want multiple funnels built?

Yes, we offer 20% off the second funnel if you'd like us to build something out for another product or service under your brand.

How will you keep me updated with the development process?

You'll have your own dedicated slack channel with an account manager, as well as direct access to our entire team 24/7.  You can message individual members of our agency in copywriting, video editing, graphic design, frontend development, or admin.  Once you complete onboarding, your project will start to "happen to you" in Slack, meaning there won't be much required of you to move things along other than approvals or revision requests.  We have our own internal quality control, and will not be relying on you to do quality control for anything.

What does the onboarding process look like?

There are 2 phases to onboarding.  

Phase 1 - The first step of phase 1 is getting you into Slack.  The second step of phase one is your Google Sheet, where you'll provide all of the login credentials and account access required to complete the project. The third step of phase 1 is setting up your Google Drive folder with all of your current assets and resources (headshots, logos, brand book, etc).  

Phase 2 - Offer Creation + Video Interview - You'll follow a video series that will ask you to fill out a Google Sheet to tell us about your customers.  This will help you in the process of forming your offer stack.  Then once the offer creation exercise is complete, you'll have the ability to begin the 90 minute video interview where you'll have the ability to respond to a series of 30+ questions with video, audio, or text.

The reason why every marketing experience you've ever had has been bad.. is because nobody is willing to take the time to ask for, or provide, this kind of information.  This time is going to be different.  You're going to put in the effort to give us the information we need, and we're going to put in the effort to create a system that actually works for you, and changes your life.

If you do not have a few hours to put into an onboarding process to ensure your project is a success, please seek another development solution other than Atomic Funnels services.

Can you create the script and funnel in any languages other than English?

Yes we can use online translator tools to create funnels in pretty much any language, but the revision process and final quality control (spelling, grammar, punctuation) will be your responsibility since our copywriters only speak English.  If you're cool with that, we can do it.

Is Atomic Funnels available for projects smaller than this?

Our founder, Jon Preston, is available for 2.5 hour consulting blocks to come in and provide audits of your current framework and marketing systems.  The 2.5 hour block is $2,500, paid upfront.  Other than that, our agency minimum is $10,000 USD. 

What if I'm not good on camera, or don't want to be the spokesperson for my brand?

It took me a long time to learn that it's 10x harder to sell a "faceless" product or service, rather than one with a brand ambassador who's present in the ads, landing pages, and emails, building trust over time.  People like to do business with real human beings.  I would encourage you to take a look at the cost of staying hidden behind your computer... think of the tax that you pay on every ad campaign, the percentage increase to your cost to acquire a customer, as a result of choosing to go into the headwinds by trying to anonymously scale your brand.  It's hard enough as it is.  Do your wallet a huge favor, conquer your fear, and get behind the camera for 20 minutes.  It will make all the difference.  You are an expert in your field... what you have to say matters... people want to hear your story.  Now.. move boldly in the direction of your success.  You can do this.

What if I don’t want to use Active Campaign for emails?

No problem, we can build out the email structures in any email system at no additional cost.

How can I be sure this offer is still available?

If this page is live, and you received a message on Upwork to check the offer out, that means we have availability to begin immediately. 

Will I own all of the assets that Atomic Funnels creates during my development engagement?

You will own 100% of the assets created during the development engagement. 

Do you offer monthly retainer services for ongoing development and split test consulting?

Yes.  Please contact us for pricing and availability.

Need To Watch The Webinar Again?

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Please do not try to communicate or send payment outside of Upwork. All communication needs to stay on Upwork until a funded contract is in place. All payment needs to go through Upwork escrow services. If you're interested in moving forward, please go back to www.upwork.com/freelancers/funnel, and send us a message (in Upwork Messenger) saying "I'm ready to move forward". We'll ask you some questions about your business and send you a custom proposal in just a few minutes. Atomic Funnels is not partnered with Upwork, but is a top rated service provider on their freelancer marketplace, with a 100% Job Success Score. We have never received anything less than a 5 star review, over hundreds of engagements. We meticulously strive for 100% compliance with Upwork Terms of Service, so please go back to Upwork messenger to continue the conversion. You can view the Upwork Terms Of Service here: https://www.upwork.com/legal#terms.